Member List

ID   Name   Status
1   Jeroen van Baardwijk   Active
2   Ian Cabell   Unsubscribed
3   Robert Powell   Unsubscribed
4   Joe Karpierz   Unsubscribed
5   Kevin Anderson   Active
6   Jim D   Inactive
7   Martin Malmkvist   Active
8   Kristin Ruhle   Unsubscribed
9   Jan Coffey   Inactive
10   Ibrahim Underwood   Unsubscribed
11   Robert Seeberger   Active
12   Denise Borgen   Unsubscribed
13   Bryon Daly   Inactive
14   Richard Crawford   Unsubscribed
15   Steve Sloan   Inactive
16   Reggie Bautista   Inactive
17   Richard Baker   Inactive
18   Klaus Stock   Active
19   David Hobby   Unsubscribed
20   Erik Reuter   Removed
21   Heather Shimokawa   Unsubscribed
22   Doyle Brunson   Removed
23   Jim Lewis   Unsubscribed
24   Ken Coar   Unsubscribed
25   Dan Swanson   Unsubscribed
26   Kaj Bauer   Unsubscribed
27   Alberto Monteiro   Active
28   Ulrik Beck   Unsubscribed
29   John Scobie   Inactive
30   Matt Lundstrom   Inactive
31   Sonja van Baardwijk-Holten   Inactive
32   John Doe   Unsubscribed
33   Damir Serbanovic   Unsubscribed
34   Warren Ockrassa   Inactive
35   Nick Lidster   Inactive
36   William T. Goodall   Active
37   Dragi Raos   Inactive
38   Mike Koenig   Active
39   Kevin Hudgins   Active


Explanation of "Status": a member can be either Active, Inactive, Unsubscribed or Removed. A member is considered Active if his/her latest post dates back no more than 30 days. A subscriber is considered Inactive if he or she is still subscribed but has not posted in the last 30 days. Both Unsubscribed and Removed mean that the person in question has left this community; the difference is that an Unsubscribed member has left voluntarily, while a Removed member has been removed by the Listowner, typically after that member has misbehaved on-list to such an extent that his/her presence was too disruptive to be allowed to continue.

Note: This page only lists those members who have posted at least once; the so-called "lurkers" will remain unlisted.